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Years ago when my son who is 21 was a young toddler I was looking for a company that would allow me to work from home. INTELETRAVEL crossed my path, I did not know anyone who was in that business and I did not want to put that amount of money into a business and not know if it was a legitimate business fast forward to May 2017 I get an invite to come and hear a presentation I go and I don't recognize the name of the company, Planet Marketing, as the presentation go on I see a familiar symbol and a name that I do recognize INTELETRAVEL talk about coming full circle. I'm in the right place at the right time of that I have no doubt whatsoever. 

KEISHA WILLIAMS (Philadelphia, PA)

PlanNet Marketing has been a solid Plan B for me! It is here that I learned how to make full-time income on a part-time basis. In 20 months I was able to build a residual income that takes ALL of my household bills off the table!!! Now that I have been laid off from my job in the Pharmaceutical industry, my Plan A, it's my income from PlanNet Marketing that is carrying the load for me! 


 Inteletravel opened my eyes to greater heights of travelling. Certifications that help me become an educated agent. Discounted travel opportunities so I can experience the world as a merchant. Helping those who I know book their travel with confidence KNOWING that I have their needs and wants in mind. This business is about people who care for the people of the world. 

TRACY RAY (Baltimore, MD)

Being part of PlanNet Marketing is the opportunity of a lifetime!  Mr and Mrs Bradley created this vehicle for ordinary people like you and I to be able to make extra ordinary income and the opportunity to show others literally around the world 🌎 how to do the same. A wealth strategy for all of us to follow. 


Being part of Inteletravel as a travel agent has given me the opportunity to travel like an insider. I've also been able to create travel experiences for so many families that are priceless. The education and training that is offered by Inteletravel is the best in the business with all the vendors around the world. The integrity and reputation of this company is unmatched proud to say I'm am partners with the best in the travel industry.